INFALLIBILL CORP (INFALLIBILL) incorporated in 2017 as an organization specializing in providing medical billing, and outsourcing services to a large diverse group of healthcare professions primarily focusing on behavioral health, since 2001 we have been working in or around the mental health and behavioral health space. We found that our clients and/or friends were being let down time and time again from a billing perspective. So in 2006 we started teaming up with top Coders and Billing Admins to simply document processes and/or procedures. It was then we realized we needed to understand if there was any rhyme or reason to this. Could there be an algorithmic scenario that allowed massive amounts of data to be computed and changed on a whim? So we partnered with some of the industries smartest analyst and brainiacs and found there was an actual “REPEATABLE EXCELLENCE” that was taking place here. So in 2017 our executives stopped focusing on building software and focused on assembling “THE U TEAM” INFALLIBLE was built from three companies that span over a decade of experience in Software, Branding, and Data Analytics. In 2015 Infallibill acquired Pristine Billing Solutions, in 2016 Infallibill acquired TRG and in 2017 Infallibill partnered up with another undisclosed software firm to produce the TRIAD. Collectively. Our group has 16 years of experience in multiple specialties. INFALLIBILL has offices in California, Florida, and Hawaii. Infallibill proudly serves over 122 physicians spanning 4 states. Our Mission is to provide “REPEATABLE EXCELLENCE” and forge the way to a true STANDARD for Out of Network providers. We reach our mission everyday by decreasing the chance of human error and building lasting communication and relationships with providers. As always we stay happy in our ANALYZING!!!!




Our Client Base

Sole Practitioner Physicians • Radiology Facilities •Behavioral Healthcare Specialty Practices •Medical Equipment specializing in DURABILITY(DME) • Residential Medical Equipment Companies • Physician Group Practices and or Multi-Specialty Clinics * Large, medium and small Hospitals • Outpatient Surgery Centers *Detox centers * Mental health facilities


INFALLIBILL started with its mission statement before it formed its name. Our name derives from our mission which is “REPEATABLE EXCELLENCE”. To be infallible one must be as close to perfect as possible, incapable of making mistakes or being wrong, in other words FLAWLESS. As we all know, nothing or no one is perfect, well except for maybe Warren Buffets decisions on what company or companies to buy. However with the right team, the right adaptive and intelligent software, a company can get pretty close. We hold ourselves to a higher standard as we hold our name in the air and raise up our clients TRUST in us!


We too were wondering what, when and how the Trump administration would or could impact medical practices in 2018? Trends this year will come and go but we believe this is here now to stay.


Call us today and discuss 2018 healthcare initiatives and how they will impact this ever changing environment. We can discuss:

  • • How these changes impact our space by the Trump administration
  • • We can go over new CPT codes that will go into effect in 2018
  • • Maybe talk about reimbursement changes to the 2018 Medicare Physician Fee Schedule which definitely affects out of network providers including the impact of payment changes to each specialty and/or specialties.
  • • An understanding of the alterations to the Quality Payment Program, which are vital to comprehend in order to gain incentives.

No fixed rates, cost is based upon a full assessment of the client’s billing need. Cost depends on the extent of services provided. Fees typically range between 5 and 15 percent. Billings aimed at maximizing the cost of medical services rendered. Effective management of immediate cash flow. Efficient management of long-term income projections, never offering a flat fee when deciding upon a client’s medical billing outsourcing need. Infallibill always offers complete transparency in analyzing cost.


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