INFALLIBILL Healthcare Consulting

INFALLIBILL has become experts in healthcare consulting and Vendor research that potentially solves a ton of problems, saves even more time and always generates a ton of opportunities. Through strategy assistance, vendor assessments, and new hire interim management, INFALLIBILL improves operations and strategic enrollment of medical procesees. INFALLIBILL’S C level executives will assist you with complex financial, and business decisions you face.


The day to day billing codes you use change all the time, the conversion to the ICD-10 system the ever changing environment of payers changing protocol midstream and just outright failing to pay now . INFALLIBILL as healthcare consultants help our clients address regulatory issues, lower costs, navigate change, utilize technology to its full potential, and analyze data like it should be analyzed. We consider not only your goals but also your mission statement to it’s core, analyze your infrastructure and organizational structure, and research existing data to get you there faster and more efficiently.
INFALLIBILLS consulting services:

  • • Employee screening and HR
  • • Front desk protocol
  • • Billing department structure
  • • Billing department policies
  • • Revenue cycle assessments
  • • Revenue cycle engineering
  • • Utilization team in-house build outs
  • • VOB team in-house build outs
  • • Transportation and screening in-house build outs

Improving Medical Practice Profitability

INFALLIBILL focuses on your mission, will analyze your processes and infrastructure, and then research existing programs to find trends to forge the way to NET NET profit JUMPS. We will provide repeatable excellence and measurable results within a shorter established period then if done alone.


New Hire Interim Management Services

INFALLIBILL will develop maintain and deploy, customized solutions for a strong foundation for future growth. Our team of managers will manage projects or initiatives that are too robust for the inexperienced marketplace of managers.


Work Flow Assessment

INFALLIBILL proves time and time again that an outsiders perspective is generally key in showing complacent mentalities in the workflow of companies having issues with scale our mentors taught us that documentation and accountability is the key to scale and trust us after we walk in the difference in the energy felt is unmatched we already have the workflow created why not just tap into what is already working on an enterprise level.


Compliance Plan

INFALLIBILL will build an effective compliance plan that will prevent fraudulent claims from seeping into your group and potentially getting mass clawbacks, reducing the chance of billing audits with potential conflicts in operations and patient care.


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