Most pathology practices and clinical laboratories need a dedicated Lab billing company. To consistently see strong financial performance in reimbursements. Increased regulations and reduced reimbursements have become commonplace in laboratory billing due to the amount of fraud that went unregulated in the early 90s and well into the 2000s. With the shift to value-based payment models, and clawbacks revenue cycle management is key for any practice to grow and strive. Most billing companies do not offer revenue cycle management nor do they understand lab billing as most billing companies have not worked with hospitals and or practices with their own analyzers. However Infallibill’s upper level management has helped build out small lab practices and understands all the nuances that have put many practices out of business when it comes down to regulations process and procedure.


INFALLIBILL has been an industry leader in medical billing and accounts receivable (AR) management services for pathology practices and clinical laboratories for the last 2 years. We understand today’s challenges not just yesterday's problems, and we have developed a very comprehensive revenue cycle management service that has allowed our clients to optimize revenues, mitigate risks and position themselves as an ally to the providers and their clients alike.


Offering billing and coding services as well as revenue cycle solutions in the areas of pathology and laboratory billing, coding, compliance, financial reporting and AR control to help your practice compete in the most evolved and ever changing healthcare environment for laboratory billing.


Infallibill has spent 5 years assembling this industry’s largest team of certified pathology and laboratory coders and billers as well as a group of data entry systems custom made for Laboratory Billing and Pathology coding. Our team stays on top of new trends, coding environments, training and new offered classes to ensure their skill sets stay current with the provider's latest and best regulatory changes. Not only does our team stay knowledeged but also educates our clients of new rules of engagement every day be a part of our standard updates whether we are currently doing business together or not. Email us and get daily updates of what's happening in our niche and how to get reimbursements to a new standard.  



Unlike many Labrotory billing companies, we understand the many nuances of billing for the professional component pathology. We team up together to form theorems and beta test the potential benefits including POC testing. Whether we start out with PC billing or help align your reimbursement rate in your existing program it is all the same as we just want to prove ourselves on the smallest level in order to be trusted with your bigger concerns. With our account view capabilities and our world class support system, resolving account issues will be a team effort that is simplified and educational as opposed to complex and proprietary. Your RCM team and clinical department can look into portals and see patient account records to research follow up questions, organize additional requests for information, collaborate in regards to denial recovery, post multi-transaction reports etc etc.


Our analysis concierge service can and will help your organization stay relevant and competitive by strategically aligning market potential systematically gauge and theorize scale opportunities for the future growth of your practice.


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We are strategist to the core and have been around enough data and operations to hone in on efficiency models to die for! If your practice is having issues with scale or organizational issues with employee efficiencies, documentation or just plainary old fashioned accountability Infallibill can and will help. We already have all the documentation, we already have done all the HR we know the trends, we can isolate problems and inefficiencies and can recommend many different models that hold accountability accross the practice to save hundreds of man hours month after month. All this while you simply just provide your clients the service you and them have always dreamed of.


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