As everyone is now aware Plastic Surgery and Surgeons who focus centrally on reconstructive surgery have the hardest jobs on the planet. Starts out with “Yes I promise you are just swollen and everything will look better when the swelling goes down”, to “I am sorry did you say that I am only eligible for 29% collection rates on my client’s deviated septum, even though the car accident she was in literally broke her nose in 5 places”


With nearly 50% your claims being categorized cosmetic, the usual and customary cycle should be more usual and customary .


Complex reconstructive surgeries need to be filed and billed properly as they represent the largest portion of the practices revenue. So how do we get top dollar?

Is it that providers just do not pay 100%?

With Plastic Surgery billing and coding the amount of codes and compounding of codes can equate to 100s to the 10th power or more. When was the last time you as the doctor or your clinician actually went to a class that specifically dealt with plastic surgery billing codes. How often does someone in the office follow American Society of Plastic Surgeons Coding Workshops. Your practice could be dealing with hundreds of CPT code updates and 1000s of new procedure regulations a year across 100s of carriers. That’s further complicated by endless NCCI edits, navigating global surgical periods, and choosing proper E/M codes.


Now add modifiers and additional add on codes, and you can see why billing for plastic surgeon can be thought by some to be the most technical billing and coding in the medical space.


It Is Not Just About The Software

Nextech may be your software of choice or maybe Modmed and as powerful as their platforms are it is still critical to focus on maximizing reimbursements which we Infallibill have yet to find a software that does that.


What is the missing link? Experience and Relevance.


The initial filing of the claim is not the hard part the technical part comes after the claim. Insurance companies will always drag their feet and pay partially if they can and they can and they do. So knowing what to say and when to say it is the key to successful workflow and reimbursement.
However most people do not have time, energy and staff to handle this extremely relevant step and guess what 29% looks usual and customary. But not for Infallibill….


Insurance companies know you’re busy taking care of your guests and don’t have the time, or potentially the expertise, and or the staff to go to battle with them. At this stage most practices give up.

Do Any Of These Services Look Familiar?

  • car Revision
  • Reconstructive Surgery
  • Breast Reconstructive Surgery
  • Post-mastectomy Surgery
  • Laceration Repair

Any Issues With Reimbursements?

Our Clients see 20-30% higher rates of returns and faster revenue cycle reimbursements within the first 90 days with Infallibill. We have significant experience in Plastic Surgery Billing and our Adjudication rate is best in class and specialist assistance rates are 75% of the surgeons fees 99% of the time.


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