INFALLIBILL is built by software engineers in a full service cloud environment so attaching API’s to any of your existing platforms or current software is not a problem. We also have a team of experts that can remotely or physically integrate and or train on integration, so once configured, INFALLIBILL is able to use any interface or system the client may have, want or need with programs like SalesForce and or other CRM’s in order to facilitate your workflow. We understand API modules and can help teach how to attach PDF docs for systems like KIPU and or BestNotes.

You may have used other Billing Companies who said you can not do this and can only do that but with INFALLIBILL we maintain a you want it you got it mentality. 27 different data points, or 23 its all the same to us. Our main objective is you and seamless efficiency is the name of the game to allow you to maintain good notes and documentation for your guests. We can build anything let us know how you want your system to operate and we will integrate.

INFALLIBILL also has a plug and play system for those hard to understand, have not seen yet type of policies that goes through archives and spits out best case scenarios for after hour and weekend Verifications. We can help your team make those split second decisions that count! Partnering with us on our Technology platforms allows you to take advantage of years of AI that is just now becoming mainstream with large corporations. How does INFALLIBILL help you:

  • • Reporting Modules for advanced automation that can uniquely be customized for transparency and to gauge industry trends.
  • • Documentation workflow charts are easily accessible to make sure every I is dotted and every T is crossed for timely processing of claims
  • • Quality Control is done what we term THREE AND REPEAT which cross examines through billing rules and allows our DATA systems to flag errors and miscommunicated information to providers. Three times than repeat three times thats the THREE REPEAT rule.
  • • We are Business Strategist in our core so we love to share our technology foresight: Allow us to send monthly business financial reports to prove efficiency trends
  • • Cash Flow and Profit intelligence we share AI to prove that you may not need to take on any new capital investment or loans on accounts receivables.

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  • • New York Times
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